V.I.P (5 to 15$) Edit

-Special Donator Skin

-Every dollar is 10K

-Acess to V.I.P Hall

-Statue Built in their Honor

-Discount on items by 15%

-Acess to V.I.P. Items

-Any free item of their choosing

Super V.I.P.(16 to 30$)Edit

-25% Money bonus

-Super donator skin

-Every dollar is 20K

-Acess to Super V.I.P Hall

-Statue Built in their Honor

-Discount on items by 30%

-Acess to Super V.I.P. Items

-Any 30 Items of their choosing

-TP Commands

-Anything V.I.P gets

-MCT cape

Ultra V.I.P(31 to 70$)Edit

-Any skin of their choosing

-Every dollar is 30K

-Acess to Ultra V.I.P. Room

-Statue Built in their Honor

-Discount on items by 50%

-Acess to Ultra V.I.P. Items

-Any stack of their choosing

-Weather Commands, And TP

-Anything Super V.I.P Has

-Can start a Lazer Show?

-50% Money bonus


Omega V.I.P (71$ and over)Edit

-100k per dollar

- Access to Omega Club

- A statue bulit in their honor

- 75% discount on items

- Any 10 skins of their choosing

- Ask us for a skin, it WILL be added 100%

- Any 5 stacks of any items

- NO banned items (things that go BOOM not included)

- Free suit of Quantum Armor in survival

- Most commands

- A chance to talk with an Admin/Owner

- A 50/50 chance of meeting famous YouTubers

- Can have their own PLANET

- 75% money bonus

- Own Wiki page

- Almost impossible to get banned

- Free 1k every day

- Donate more than 100$ and be co-owner for a day.


All money is in Canadian Dollars, You may be banned EVEN if you donate, Do not expect special treatment by the Admins.