Forums/Wiki AchivementsEdit

Enthusiast- Read the wiki

Famous now?- Get your own Wiki page

Hmm, Not bad!-Get 50 Pageviews

Average Joe- Get 500 Pageviews

Not so Average Joe- Get 1000 Pageviews

Superman!- Get over 5000 Pageviews

Tower AchivementsEdit

IN GENERAL(No-Gamemode):Edit

Speed of sound!- Fall off the Tower

What a wonderful world!- Join Minecraft Tower

Big Spender- Spend over 10K

Let the Games Begin!- Enter a game for the first time

Shadow of the Night- Be in a Server Blackout

Huge Spender- Spend over 100K

Beat of the music- Play a music

Pale-Faced Man- Get a certain secret Skin!

Skin shop:Edit

Flyin' With the Wraith- Get Shadow_Wraith's Skin

Flaming Tusks- Get Flame_Tusk's skin

Let it Be!- Get John Lennon's Skin

Loltastic!- Get Chargalaxy's Skin

Walk through the walls- Get SCP-106's Skin


Alien Hunt:Edit

DeathTrap- Find the trap!

Behind You...- Get killed from behind 3 times

Alienator- Become the Alien

Extermination- Win as the alien 7 Times in a row